Higdon Decoys, Inc. Manufacturers Warranty

Higdon Outdoors Inc. Manufacturers Warranty:

We strive to satisfy our customers with quality products. To that end we offer:

30 Day Inspection Period:

During the first 30 days after you purchase a Higdon Outdoors Product, please contact us if there is any problem with your purchase. We will strive to correct any error that might occur, at no cost to you. 1 Year Manufacturer’s Protection. If there should be a defect in your product that is due to our manufacturing error, we will replace the product with a good one. Please note that scuff marks and smudges are a normal part of wear and we cannot protect you against these. To read our complete warranty, please read below.

Higdon Outdoors Inc. Manufacturers Warranty

30 Day Inspection Period

1. What is covered? The customer has 30 days from the date of purchase to inspect the product. During this period, Higdon Outdoors will attempt to resolve any problems the customer might have with missing parts or suspected defects in the product. This inspection policy applies to both factory direct and dealer sales.

2. What will Higdon Outdoors do? Should any item be missing from a carton, we will provide the customer the missing item and pay for the cost of regular ground shipping of the missing item to the customer. Should an item be defective, we will replace the defective item at no cost to the customer. We reserve the right to inspect defective items to determine the cause of the defect.

3. What is not covered? Product damaged through negligence or misuse by the customer is not covered. We do not pay for expedited shipping.

4. How to get service. Call (270) 443-8739 during regular business hours or email info@higdondecoys.com. Call or check our web site (www.higdonoutdoors.com) to get our postal address if needed. Have your original receipt ready when you call. You will be given return instructions and packaging requirements at that time. Do not return product without prior return authorization.

Manufacturer's Quality Guarantee

1. What is covered? For 1 year from the date of purchase on non-motion items and 6 months on motion items Higdon Outdoors, Inc. covers any problem in its merchandise caused by manufacturer’s defect. This manufacturer’s quality guarantee applies to both factory direct and dealer sales. This includes the fit of parts and durability. Normal wear and tear to include smudges and scratches are excluded. Damage caused by abuse or neglect of any product is never covered.

2. What is not covered? Higdon Outdoors Inc. will not pay for shipping from the customer to the company under any circumstances. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. A product that is damaged after purchase obviously is not covered by this policy. Scraped, scratched or dented items are not covered under our policy. Factory seconds are sold “as is” and never covered by warranty.

3. How long does coverage last? This guarantee is for the stated time period starting from the date of purchase. The customer should provide a copy of the original sales receipt to verify the purchase date.

4. What will Higdon Outdoors Inc. do? At our discretion, we will either repair or replace the defective product or offer a refund. If we decide to replace the item and that exact model should be unavailable, we will replace it with an available item of like value and function. If our examination should reveal that the returned item is not defective due to manufacturer’s defect, we will contact the customer to get further instructions. In such a case the customer has the option of paying for the cost of shipping the product back to the customer or directing us to dispose of it. Should the customer fail to respond, after 45 days we will dispose of product abandoned with us.

5. How to get service? Follow the instructions published in item #4 of the 30 Day Inspection Period above.

Limited 30 Day “No Hassle” Returns

1. What is covered? For the purpose of the “No Hassle” return policy, the “customer” is the party named on the original invoice from Higdon Outdoors. Specifically, this means that for items sold to a dealer, the dealer will be considered the customer for this portion of our warranty. For items sold directly to a retail customer by Higdon Outdoors, that retail customer will be considered the customer for this section of the warranty. Our “No Hassle” return policy applies ONLY to the “customer” named on the original Higdon Outdoors invoice and applies for 30 days after the date of purchase.

2. What will Higdon Outdoors do? Should the customer be dissatisfied for any reason with the purchase or a portion of the purchase, Higdon Outdoors will replace the product or allow the customer to return the product for a refund of the purchase price of the merchandise. Higdon Outdoors will not be responsible for shipping charges.

3. What is not covered? Product purchased through a dealer is not covered by our “No Hassle” return policy. The dealer’s customer should ask the dealer about the dealer’s return policy. Product damaged through negligence or misuse by the customer is not covered. Product must be properly packaged during return so that it is not damaged during shipping. 35% of the original purchase price will be deducted to cover damages caused by improper packaging. Refunds cover only the original purchase price and applicable sales tax. Shipping costs are not covered.

4. How to get service. Follow the instructions published in item #4 of the 30 Day Inspection Period above.