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XS Swivel Connector for String and Weight Mounting Bracket for Hammer Weight
Wing Weight for spinning wing Wing Connector (With spring snap and allen screw attached)
XS Battery Holder XS Charging Port
XS Battery Holder
Price: $4.99
XS Charging Port
Price: $5.99
ON/OFF Toggle Switch with wiring and protective metal bracket for spinning wing decoys XS Mini Battery Box
XS Crazy Kicker / Flasher Wiring Harness XS Quick Connect ON/OFF Toggle Switch
Floating Flasher Hammer Large Wings for spinning wing duck (set)
XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher Motor XS Saltwater Adaptor Kit
12V Lithium Charger XS Timer for Flashers (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off)
12V Lithium Charger
Price: $24.99
12V Lithium Expandable Battery 12v 3Ah Li-ion Battery for Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher/ Crazy Kicker w/ Battery Splitter (BLACK)
XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher 2017 Body