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XS Timer for Swimmers (4on/10off) XS Timer for Pulsators & Crazy Kicker (.5on/1.5off 4 cycles 5off)
XS Timer for Flashers (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off) 12v 3Ah Li-ion Battery for Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher/ Crazy Kicker w/ Battery Splitter (BLACK)
XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher 2017 Body XS Mini Battery Box
XS Crazy Kicker / Flasher Wiring Harness XS Quick Connect ON/OFF Toggle Switch
XS Charging Port XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher Motor
XS Charging Port
Price: $5.99
XS Pulsator Outlet Pipe XS Splashing Flasher B-Plug
XS Crazy Kicker Motor-  Right XS Crazy Kicker Motor-  Left
XS Swimmer Pipe XS Swivel Connector for String and Weight
XS Swimmer Pipe
Price: $3.99
XS Pulsator/Swimmer Wiring Harness Mounting Bracket for Hammer Weight
XS Crazy Kicker Leg and Foot (1 foot) Floating Flasher Hammer