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Splashing Flasher 2 body with motor and wing connector installed. Large Wings for spinning wing duck (set)
Wing Weight for spinning wing Wing Connector (With spring snap and allen screw attached)
ON/OFF Toggle Switch with wiring and protective metal bracket for spinning wing decoys Anti-Flipping system for Flashers
Timer # 4, Flasher (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off) Charger 12V
Charger 12V
Price: $19.99
10 foot extension cord Keeper Cable
Keeper Cable
Price: $0.99
"A" "IN Plug" for bilge pump.  Plug with 6" wire "B" "OUT Plug" for battery box.  Plug with 6" wire
Waterproof Wire Connectors Higdon Replacement Bilge Pump