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Apex Circle Base Apex Stakes
Apex Circle Base
Price: $14.99
Apex Stakes
Price: $9.99
Floating Flasher Hammer Alpha Wobbler Stake, Black, 24" (6pk)
Adjustable Motion Base & Stake, Goose Circle Base Stand, Alpha Goose (4pk)
Flapper H Stake U Stake set Cotter pin (put in the tips of all metal stakes)
FEET, Canada 1-SET LEG, Canada ea.
LEG, Canada ea.
Price: $0.99
KEEL, FLOATER GOOSE HW In-line Timer # 1, Original Pulsator (1.5on/1.5off)
HW In-line Timer # 2, Swimmer (5on/10off) HW In-line Timer # 3, Pulsator 2 (.5on/.5off, X 4, 4off)
HW In-line Timer # 4, Flashers (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off) HW In-line Timer # 6, Closer (10on/20off)
20 Foot Extension Cord HW 2-way Splitter
HW Base Unit, 60' Main, 4 Line Split, with switch Wire End Float
Wire End Float
Price: $2.99