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19953   Standard Blue Wing Teal, Foam Filled
19261   Standard Bluebill
19263   Standard Bluebill, Foam Filled
19934   Standard Bufflehead, Foam Filled, All Drakes
19633   Standard Canvasback, Foam Filled
19971   Standard Coot 6pk
19973   Standard Coot, Foam Filled 6pk
19994   Standard Diver Pack, Foam Filled
19911   Standard Gadwall
19913   Standard Gadwall, Foam Filled
19733   Standard Goldeneye, Foam Filled, All Drakes
19941   Standard Green Wing Teal
19943   Standard Green Wing Teal, Foam Filled
19021   Standard Mallard
19023   Standard Mallard, Foam Filled
19521   Standard Pintail
19533   Standard Pintail Foam Filled
19993   Standard Puddle Pack, Foam Filled, Early Season
19831   Standard Redhead
19833   Standard Redhead, Foam Filled
19461   Standard Ringneck (6pk)
19483   Standard Ringneck FOAM FILLED (6pk)
19961   Standard Shoveler
19963   Standard Shoveler, Foam Filled
19921   Standard Wigeon
19923   Standard Wigeon, Foam Filled
19341   Standard Wood Duck (6pk)
19383   Standard Wood Duck FOAM FILLED (6pk)
99310   Swimmer Battery Box, 10" Cord & Float (No Timer, No Battery)
52734   Swimmer Canada Goose (Single)
52040   Swimmer Mallard FULLY FLOCKED Drake 12V
16163   The Battleship Super Mag. Black Duck FOAM FILLED
99102   Timer # 2, Swimmer (5on/10off)
99104   Timer # 4, Flasher (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off)
28850   Warthog 850 GPM Floating Pump
99339   Waterproof Wire Connectors
90292   Wing Connector (With spring snap and allen screw attached)
90290   Wing Weight for spinning wing
92595   Wire End Float
99602   XS Battery Holder
52243   XS Battleship Swimmer, Bluebill 12V
52624   XS Battleship Swimmer, Canvasback 12V
52053   XS Battleship Swimmer, Mallard Drake 12V
52064   XS Battleship Swimmer, Mallard Hen 12V
52533   XS Battleship Swimmer, Pintail 12V
99141   XS Charging Port
99137   XS Crazy Kicker / Flasher Wiring Harness
99139   XS Crazy Kicker / Flasher Wiring HarnessXS Quick Connect ON/OFF Toggle Switch
99607   XS Crazy Kicker Leg and Foot (1 foot)
99151   XS Crazy Kicker Motor- Left
99149   XS Crazy Kicker Motor- Right
53012   XS Crazy Kicker, Mallard Drake 12V (with timer)
53072   XS Floating Flasher, Mallard Drake 12V
99135   XS Mini Battery Box
99155   XS Pulsator Bilge Pump 200g Weight
99145   XS Pulsator Outlet Pipe
50734   XS Pulsator, Canada Goose 12V
50033   XS Pulsator, Mallard Drake 12V
50044   XS Pulsator, Mallard Hen 12V
50534   XS Pulsator, Pintail 12V
99159   XS Pulsator/Swimmer Wiring Harness
99147   XS Splashing Flasher B-Plug
99131   XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher 2017 Body
99143   XS Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher Motor
53077   XS Splashing-Flasher, Mallard Drake 12V (with timer)
52753   XS Swimmer Canada Goose 12V
99153   XS Swimmer Pipe
99157   XS Swivel Connector for String and Weight
99165   XS Timer for Flashers (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off)
99163   XS Timer for Pulsators & Crazy Kicker (.5on/1.5off 4 cycles 5off)
99161   XS Timer for Swimmers (4on/10off)

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