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99332   "A" "IN Plug" for bilge pump. Plug with 6" wire
99333   "B" "OUT Plug" for battery box. Plug with 6" wire
99123   10 foot extension cord
37120   12-Slot Duck Decoy Bag, Brown
37168   12-Slot Full-Size Goose Decoy Bag
99118   12v 3Ah Li-ion Battery for Splashing Flasher/Floating Flasher/ Crazy Kicker w/ Battery Splitter (BLACK)
99112   12V Battery 2.6AH
99108   12V Charger 2.6AH (For Xs Products)
99106   12V Lithium Charger
99116   12V Lithium Expandable Battery
92572   20 Foot Extension Cord
37140   4-Slot Motion Decoy Bag, Brown
92574   50 Foot Extension Cord
53237   50' Wire with on/off and battery clamps
37166   6-Slot Alpha Series Full Body Goose Decoy Bag, Brown
37165   6-Slot Alpha Series Goose Decoy Bag, X-Large, Brown
37160   6-Slot Duck Decoy Bag, Brown
92596   Adjustable Cord Weight - HW
36457   Adjustable Motion Base & Stake, Goose
ALPHA-CANADA-HEADS   Alpha Canada Replacement Heads
71236   Alpha Magnum Canada Full Body Variety Pack
71246   Alpha Magnum Full-Body TruFeeder Pack, Canada
71281   Alpha Magnum Goose Floater, Canada
71283   Alpha Magnum Goose Floater, Canada, Foam Filled
71233   Alpha Prowler, Mag Canada Full Motion Full Body
36267   Alpha Stake, Brown, 36"
71272   Alpha TruSleeper Magnum Canada Full-Body
36254   Alpha Wobbler Stake, Brown, 24" (6pk)
71226   Alpha Wobbler, Magnum Canada Full Form Shell Variety Pack (6pk)
90298   Anti-Flipping system for Flashers
36478   Apex Circle Base
72546   APEX Full-Size Full-Body Feeder Pk, Specklebelly (6pk)
72247   APEX Full-Size Full-Body TruFeeder, Canada (6pk)
72438   APEX Full-Size Full-Body Variety Pk, Blue (8pk)
72237   APEX Full-Size Full-Body Variety Pk, Canada (6pk)
72338   APEX Full-Size Full-Body Variety Pk, Snow/Juvenile (8pk)
72536   APEX Full-Size Full-Body Variety Pk, Specklebelly
36248   Apex Stakes
99111   Battery 12V
99114   Battery 6V
BATTLESHIP-BLACK-DUCK-HEADS   Battleship Black Duck Replacement Heads
16234   Battleship Bluebill, Foam Filled
16934   Battleship Bufflehead, Foam Filled
16634   Battleship Canvasback, Foam Filled
16994   Battleship Diver Pack, Foam Filled, All Drakes
16914   Battleship Gadwall, Foam Filled
16734   Battleship Goldeneye, Foam Filled
16043   Battleship Mallard All Drake Pack, Foam Filled, Flocked Heads
BATTLESHIP-MALLARD-HEADS   Battleship Mallard Replacement Heads
16023   Battleship Mallard, Foam Filled
16034   Battleship Mallard, Foam Filled, Flocked Heads
16534   Battleship Pintail, Foam Filled
16544   Battleship Pintail, Foam Filled, All Drakes
16044   Battleship Powers' Pack, Foam Filled, 3 Mallard Drakes Flocked Heads 3 Black Ducks
16993   Battleship Puddle Pack, Foam Filled (6pk)
16834   Battleship Redhead, Foam Filled
30322   Battleship Rig 36" w 4oz wgt (6pk)
30325   Battleship Rig 36" w 6oz wgt (6pk)
30327   Battleship Rig 54" w 4oz wgt (6pk)
30329   Battleship Rig 54" w 6oz wgt (6pk)
16433   Battleship Ringneck, Foam Filled (6pk)
16964   Battleship Shoveler, Foam Filled
16924   Battleship Wigeon, Foam Filled (6pk)
16333   Battleship Wood Duck, Foam Filled (6pk)
37182   Battleship X-Large Carry Bag
31315   Blind Grass 4' X 5' Sheets (4Pk)
35320   Boot Jack
99601   CAP, 750 Bilge Pump
99110   Charger 12V
99109   Charger 6V 0.9 lbs.
36477   Circle Base Stand, Alpha Goose (4pk)
30359   Cord Crimps (150pk)
30357   Cord Crimps (24pk)
90239   Cotter pin (put in the tips of all metal stakes)
35422   Double Boot Rack
35450   Duck Blind Caddy
90510   FEET, Canada 1-SET
50655   Finisher Flapper, Full Body, Canada (Single)
36920   Flapper H Stake U Stake set
90270   Flapper Wings & Assembly (Pair)
99604   Floating Flasher Hammer
54258   Floating Flasher2, Plug N Hunt, 4 unit Hard Wire System
77129   Full Size Goose Floater, Blue (4pk)
77163   Full Size Goose Floater, Blue Foam Filled (4pk)
77127   Full Size Goose Floater, Canada (4pk)
77143   Full Size Goose Floater, Canada FOAM FILLED (4pk)
77153   Full Size Goose Floater, Snow Foam Filled (4pk)
77128   Full Size Goose Floater, Snow (4pk)
77130   Full Size Goose Floater, Speck (4pk)
77173   Full Size Goose Floater, Speck Foam Filled (4pk)
77642   Full Size Half Shell, Blue (6pk)
77969   Full Size Half Shell, Canada (6pk)
77965   Full Size Half Shell, Sleeper Pack Canada (6pk)
77641   Full Size Half Shell, Snow (6pk)
77911   Full Size Half Shell, Speck (6pk)
72236   Full-Size Full-Body Variety Pk, Canada
18021   Full-Size Mallard
18024   Full-Size Mallard, Foam Filled
FULLBODY-MALLARD-HEADS   Fullbody Mallard Replacement Heads
FULLSIZE-CANADA-HEADS   Fullsize Canada Replacement Heads
GIANT-CANADA-HEADS   Giant Canada Replacement Heads
70235   GIANT TruFeeder Full-Body Canada
63144   Hard Body 1/4 Strut Jake
63122   Hard Body Feeder Hen
63133   Hard Body Laydown Hen
63111   Hard Body Upright Hen
90506   HEAD, Fullbody, Mallard, Painted, Hen, Feeder
37227   Higdon Blind Bag
37317   Higdon Floating Shotgun Case
01152   Higdon Outdoors Competitor Tee
01112   Higdon Outdoors Competitor Tee, Black
01132   Higdon Outdoors Competitor Tee, Iron Grey
01182   Higdon Outdoors Competitor Tee, Neon Pink
01332   Higdon Outdoors Fleece 1/4 Zip Pullover, Iron Grey
01512   Higdon Outdoors Fleece Vest, Black
01532   Higdon Outdoors Fleece Vest, Iron Grey
01831   Higdon Outdoors Heathered Fleece Beanie, Charcoal
01834   Higdon Outdoors Heathered Fleece Beanie, Grey
01830   Higdon Outdoors Heathered Fleece Beanie, Grey/Black
01832   Higdon Outdoors Heathered Fleece Beanie, Oatmeal
01833   Higdon Outdoors Heathered Fleece Beanie, Olive
02102   Higdon Outdoors Holloway Alum Long Sleeve
Higdon-Outdoors-Logo-Sticker   Higdon Outdoors Logo Sticker
01212   Higdon Outdoors Polo, SS, Black
01232   Higdon Outdoors Polo, SS, Iron Grey
01412   Higdon Outdoors Wick Fleece Hooded Pullover, Black
01432   Higdon Outdoors Wick Fleece Hooded Pullover, Grey
99750   Higdon Replacement Bilge Pump
92575   HW 2-way Splitter
92580   HW Base Unit, 60' Main, 4 Line Split, with switch
92558   HW Floating Flasher 2, Mallard, Drake 12V + CWT
92551   HW In-line Timer # 1, Original Pulsator (1.5on/1.5off)
92552   HW In-line Timer # 2, Swimmer (5on/10off)
92553   HW In-line Timer # 3, Pulsator 2 (.5on/.5off, X 4, 4off)
92554   HW In-line Timer # 4, Flashers (1.5on/4off/1.5on/10off)
92556   HW In-line Timer # 6, Closer (10on/20off)
92511   HW Pulsator 2 12V + CWT
92523   HW Pulsator Goose Butt, Canada 12V + CWT
92578   HW Splashing-Flasher 2, Mallard, Drake 12V + CWT
92528   HW Swimmer Canada 12V + CWT
92521   HW Swimmer Drake 12V + CWT
92522   HW Swimmer Hen 12V + CWT
28551   ICE Blaster 120V 1 HP (100' Cord w Large Stand)
28555   ICE Blaster 120V 1/2HP (100' Cord w Small Stand)
28557   ICE Blaster 120V 3/4 HP (100' Cord w Large Stand)
36512   ICE Blaster, 12" Metal Leg, single
36525   ICE Blaster, Large Metal Frame Stand
36520   ICE Blaster, Small Metal Frame Stand
30304   J-Weight with Rubber Strap 4oz. (12pk)
30307   J-Weight with Rubber Strap 7.5oz. (12pk)
99312   Keeper Cable
90287   Large Wings for spinning wing duck (set)
90526   LEG, Canada ea.
17034   Magnum Duck Butt Mallard, Foam Filled, Drake & Hen
17534   Magnum Duck Butt Pintail, Foam Filled, Drakes
12034   Magnum Full Form Shell Mallard, Variety Pk, Flocked Heads
12105   Magnum Full-Body Black Duck, Variety Pk
12006   Magnum Full-Body Mallard, Variety Pk, Flocked Heads
12007   Magnum Full-Body Mallard, Variety Pk, Flocked Heads + Bag
12011   Magnum Full-Body Mallard, Variety Pk, Fully Flocked
75432   Magnum Goose Butt, Canada (2pk)
75961   Magnum Half Shell, Canada
17074   Magnum Mallard Feeder Pack, Foam Filled (6pk)
17073   Magnum Mallard FOAM FILLED (6pk)
MAGNUM-MALLARD-HEADS   Magnum Mallard Replacement Heads
17042   Magnum Mallard, Flocked Heads
17053   Magnum Mallard, Foam Filled, Flocked Heads
17043   Magnum Mallard, Foam Filled, Flocked Heads All Drake Pack
17054   Magnum Mallard, Foam Filled, Flocked Heads, + 6 Slot Bag
17084   Magnum Mallard, Foam Filled, Fully Flocked
31512   Magnum Marsh Stool
37175   Mesh Decoy Bag, Large
31538   MOmarsh ATX Invisi-Lay
93140   MOmarsh ATX Invisi-Lay Snow Cover
93135   MOmarsh Camp Cover
34115   MOmarsh Canvas Dog Bumper-Orange
34111   MOmarsh Canvas Dog Bumper-White
30715   MOmarsh Dangler Game Tote-Dove
30725   MOmarsh Dangler Game Tote-Duck
39251   MOmarsh Deck Cover
39258   MOmarsh Dog Door System
39263   MOmarsh Door Systems
39201   MOmarsh Fatback 7.5
39214   MOmarsh Fatback 7.5 Combo
39202   MOmarsh Fatboy Dp
39215   MOmarsh Fatboy DP Combo
34048   MOmarsh Field House LP
34025   MOmarsh Final Stand
31518   MOmarsh Invisi-Chair
Invisi-Grass-Original-1.25lb   MOmarsh Invisi-Grass Original 1.25lb
Invisi-Grass-Original-5lb   MOmarsh Invisi-Grass Original 5lb
34018   MOmarsh Invisi-Lab
93130   MOmarsh Invisi-Lab/Field House Snow Cover
31558   MOmarsh Invisi-Lounge XL
31528   MOmarsh Invisi-Man
34065   MOmarsh Kennel Cot
34075   MOmarsh Kennel Pad
30727   MOmarsh Leg Lock Tote
39210   MOmarsh Mega Sled

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